Michael R. Peirce

Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

(740) 972-4646 • mpeirce@peircecentral.com

Technical Skills Summary

Swift, Objective-C, Java, C++, C, Pascal, Ada, various assembly and scripting languages
Object Oriented Frameworks:
Cocoa, Cocoa Touch
Operating Systems:
MacOS, iOS
TCP/IP & AppleTalk networking, OpenGL, Quartz, PDF, system architecture and design

Shipped The Following Macintosh Products:

Keynote Remote Apple's iPhone remote control for Keynote. Built in Cocoa Touch using Objective-C.

Keynote Apple's state of the art presentation application (part of iWork). Built in Cocoa using Objective-C.

DeskPicture for OS X Adapted this popular Mac OS utility to OS X using Cocoa and Objective-C.

Apple's USB Printer Sharing Member of a small team of programmers at RBI who developed this feature for Apple Computer.

Peirce Print Tools Designed and developed this collection of QuickDraw GX printing extensions. It added a number of new features to QuickDraw GX based printing.

Smoothie Designed and developed this Mac OS graphics utility. It anti-aliased vector graphics to produce high quality images, QuickTime frames, and presentations/slide shows.

AppSizer Designed and developed this Mac OS utility. It allowed easy control of application memory sizes as applications were launched in Mac OS. (Was once part of the Now Utilities).

Apple Trackpad Control Panel Designed and developed the original trackpad control panel for Apple's first trackpad device for PowerBook laptops. Also developed software to assist in the configuration and testing of the these devices.

Claris Organizer Brought in as a consultant to add the the Instant Organizer feature to Claris Organizer (now Palm Desktop). This allowed users to access their data quickly and easily from the menu bar without launching the full Organizer application.

Claris MacWrite Pro Brought in as a consultant to trouble shoot and fixed bugs for six months to help get this product ready to ship. Also designed and implemented the QuickTime plugin for MacDraw Pro as well as a number of XTND file format translator plugins.

Claris Public Folder Designed and developed this innovative network file sharing utility. It enabled users to share files across an AppleTalk network before Apple provided built-in file sharing.

Claris MacDraw II Added features and fixed countless bugs in this graphics application.

Other Shipped Products:

NetComm. Managed the engineering team that brought this embedded network device server to market. It functioned as a protocol converter and web server for device access as well as a platform for custom device control. Linux based.

Java 2D. Managed the engineering team that brought modern graphics, text and printing to Java. This shipped as part of Java 2 (JDK 1.2) from Sun Microsystems. Our code shipped for Windows and Solaris.

Odyssey Automation Project. Designed, developed, and lead a number of aspects of a project that automated semiconductor chip assembly for National Semiconductor by Digital Equipment Corp. This project developed systems for device communication, materials handling, device program management and integrated it all into a workable factory control system that was deployed in the field.

Employment History

Senior Software Engineer
Apple Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/Lewis Center, Ohio. May 2002 - February 2011

  • Developed Apple's Keynote Remote application for the iPhone.
  • Contributed to the development of Apple's Keynote presentation application. Worked with a variety of technologies including Cocoa, Objective-C and OpenGL.

Director of Engineering
NetEnabled Inc., Columbus, Ohio. March 2001 - November 2001

  • Managed the engineering activities of NetEnabled including groups responsible for:
    • Software development on Microsoft Windows, Java, and Linux.
    • Application development - device server, web server, custom applications
    • NetComm hardware and software system design and development
    • Quality Assurance
  • Member of executive staff.
  • Managed IT planning and operations.

Director of Emerging Technologies
Granitar Incorporated, Natick, Massachusetts/Lewis Center, Ohio. April 2000 - January 2001

  • Led investigations into key emerging internet technologies including wireless, Linux as a server platform, various XML technologies, and broadband access.
  • Disseminated technology information via white papers, presentations, regular technology bulletins, and a weblog.
  • Sponsored internal Granitar Software Development Community which documented best practices and established software development standards.
  • Assisted in IT technology investigations and installations including VPN access and Wireless LAN networking (WiFi).

Vice President, Internet
RBI Software Systems, Inc., Berkeley, California/Lewis Center, Ohio. June 1999 - April 2000

  • Developed internet strategy and started new internet business for RBI.
  • Developed and launched web sites including: allUSB.com and Deskpicture.com

Engineering Manager
Sun Microsystems Inc. (JavaSoft), Cupertino, California. September 1997 - June 1999

  • Managed the Java 2D graphics engineering team. This group designed and delivered the new 2D graphics system in JDK 1.2/Java 2. Java 2D introduced a world class API for handling text, graphics, printing, and color management in Java. Development was primarily on Windows and Solaris, with some Linux, using C, C++, and Java.
  • Lead effort to update and improve software build system and practices across JavaSoft.
  • Managed technical contact between JavaSoft and Apple's Java development efforts.

Engineering Manager
Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, California. January 1997 - September 1997

  • Managed the Apple graphics group, this group was responsible for the core graphics system in Apple's next generation operating system - now called Quartz in OS X.
  • Managed the integration of Next and Apple graphics engineers and software after the acquisition of Next by Apple.

Senior Software Engineer
Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, California. December 1995 - January 1997

  • Designed, implemented, and trouble shot various components of the never-released updated Mac OS ("Copland") as a member of the High Level Toolbox/Runtime team using C, C++, 68K and PowerPC Assembler.
  • Contributed to ongoing Mac OS releases.

President and Founder
Peirce Software, Inc.
San Jose California. October 1990 - December 1995

  • Managed all aspects of business including development, marketing, finance, trade shows, product production and support.
  • Developed and brought to market Peirce Print Tools, the premier collection of QuickDraw GX printing software.
  • Developed and brought to market Smoothie, a four-star graphics utility and finalist for a MacUser Eddy award.
  • Developed and marketed a line of shareware utilities: DeskPicture, ShareDraw, and AppSizer.

Software Consultant

Apple Computer, Inc. -
Designed and implemented the Control Panel for the innovative Powerbook trackpad. Trouble shot and fixed bugs in the system and microcontroller software for the trackpad. Designed and implemented software utilities for production testing of the trackpad.
Claris Corporation -
Designed and implemented the Instant Organizer feature of Claris Organizer. Trouble shot and fixed bugs in MacWrite Pro. Trouble shot and fixed bugs in the never Claris Query Tool. Designed and implemented the QuickTime player plug-in for MacWrite Pro. Designed and implemented a variety of XTND file format translators.
Advanced Software, Inc. -
Designed and implemented the network version of InTouch, a personal information manager.
Other projects including work for Network Computing Inc. and The HyperMedia Group.

Author. Wrote Programming with AppleTalk, part of the Macintosh Inside Out series from Addison-Wesley edited by Scott Knaster. This book explored the use of the AppleTalk network APIs and provided detailed examples of their use. Published August 1991.

Senior Software Engineer, Claris Corporation, Santa Clara, California. Led the group that designed and built a MacApp-based unreleased product - Claris' first object oriented development project. Developed versions of MacDraw II, the leading Macintosh drawing program at that time. Created Public Folder, a network file sharing utility. May 1988 - October 1990.

Senior Software Specialist/Member of Technical Management Team, Digital Equipment Corp., Santa Clara, California. Co-managed a group of twenty-five software specialists on a project to automate the assembly of semiconductor parts at National Semiconductor. The group created and delivered custom automation software that was deployed by National. May 1987 - May 1988.

Senior Software Specialist/Project Leader, Digital Equipment Corp., Santa Clara, California. Designed and developed an automated materials handling system used in a semiconductor assembly automation project at National Semiconductor. This ran as a fault tolerant, distributed system of mini- and microcomputers on the factory floor. Also trouble shot and debugged the serial communications and networking software. May 1985 - April 1987.

Software Engineer, Fairchild Digital Test Systems, San Jose, California. Developed and maintained software to assist in the evaluation, integration, and delivery of Sentry Integrated Circuit Test System software products. May 1984 - May 1985.


Bachelor of Science Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.
Computer Science Major, Management Minor. Graduated May 1984.