Michael lives in Lewis Center, Ohio, just north of Columbus. He came to central Ohio after living in Silicon Valley for 15 years. Before moving to California, he spent 4 years in Troy, New York attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and grew up in Maumee, Ohio near Toledo.


Michael has a wonderful wife Kathleen. His son Peter attends graduate school at NYU. His stepdaughter Rachel and stepson David live in Northern California.


Michael worked for Apple Inc. where he developed software. Most recently he developed the nifty Keynote Remote for the iPhone. Michael has worked on a wide variety of products and projects while at Apple in a variety of roles.


Yes, his family spells it with the e before the i (not the more common Pierce). They trace this spelling back to George Peirce and his wife Ann who sailed from Bristol, England in 1684 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to escape religious persecution (they were Quakers). George was born circa 1655 in the parish of Winscom in the county of Somerset in England. Apparently George may have changed his name from Pearce (not Pierce) to Peirce in 1716.